Brain Aktivity embodies a comfortable opportunity to improve fluid intelligence.

Brain Aktivity

Fluid intelligence includes general abilities, such as learning and pattern recognition, but also more specific ones like solving unprecedented problems, which are problems, that can not be solved through formerly acquired knowledge.

Brain Aktivity has the option to adjust the level of difficulty automatically.

Starting with the first level "single 1-back", difficulty increases during the famous second level called "dual 2-back" until it reaches the final level, "dual 4-back".

The degree of difficulty can also be adjusted manually to match individual convenience.

Due to the research findings by Susanne M. Jaeggi, fluid intelligence improves significantly after exercising dual n-back tasks approximately 25 minutes every day over a period of 8 to 19 days.

Example of a 2-Back Task:

This time, you will need to remember the cell's position and the voiced letter from 2 trials back.

Press the icon (position icon) if the POSITION of the cell is the SAME as it was 2 trials back (i.e., the cell appears in the same position as it did two trials ago).

Press the icon (sound icon) if the LETTER you hear is the SAME it was 2 trials back (i.e., you hear the same letter as you did two trials ago).

If you find this too difficult at first, try focusing on only one of the cues (either the cell's position or the letter).

The achieved successes are stored and presented clearly so you are able to look at your proceedings and show them to your friends.

Video Tutorial

Brain Aktivity HD